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ANTEC 2001 Proceedings

Paper & Publication Downloads

These are papers presented at ANTEC 2001.  You must have Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

Title Filename Development of a Continuous Thermal Separation System for the Removal of PVC Contamination in a Post-Consumer PET Flake 1040.pdf Thermal Analysis of Blends of Recycled HDPE and Virgin Polyolefins 0738.pdf Non Woven Textiles from Melt Spun Recycled PE 0730.pdf Recycling of Multilayer and Barrier Coated PET Containers 0731.pdf Recycling of Crosslinked Multi-Layer Thermoplastic Films - Miscibility Studies 0743.pdf Polyester Polyols for Polyurethanes from Recycled PET 0888.pdf Development of High Quality Recycled Polyethylene Resins for the Replacement of Virgin Resins 0698.pdf The Effect of Blending on the Viscosity Reduction of Recycled Milk Bottle Grade HDPE 0675.pdf Weathering Effects on Mechanical Properties of Recycled HDPE Based Plastic Lumber 0951.pdf High Carbon Fly Ash/Mixed Thermoplastic Aggregate for Use in Lightweight Concrete 0859.pdf The Effect of Residual Impurities on the Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Engineering Polymers Separated from Mixed Plastics 0368.pdf Recycling of 100% Cross-linked Rubber Powder by High Temperature High-Pressure Sintering 0256.pdf Recovery of Post-Consumer Plastic Waste via Solid State Mechanochemistry 0137.pdf Effects of Reprocessing on the Fiber Length and Mechanical Properties of Nylon-6/Glass Fiber Composites 0125.pdf Process Optimization for Reactive Blending and Compatibilization of PA 6 and PET in Extrusion 0341.pdf The Blends of Polypropylene (PP) with Functional Polyolefin Elastomer (EPOE) for Recycling of Xerographic Toners 0016.pdf Extrusion Foaming of PET/PP Blends 0141.pdf Vibration-Assisted Injection Molding Applied to Recycled General Purpose Polystyrene 0768.pdf

These are papers presented at ANTEC 2000.  You must have Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

Title Filename Development of Novel Applications of Crosslinked Elastomer Scrap in Thermoplastics 0157.pdf Blends of Metallocene Polyethylenes for Recycling of Xerographic Toners 0196.pdf Recycled Fiberglass Composite as a Reinforcing Filler in Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber 0332.pdf A Study of the Tensile Creep Behavior of Recycled High Density Polyethylene in Aqueous Mediums 0347.pdf On-line Material Characterization During Extrusion of Recyclates 0427.pdf Factors Influencing the Sorting Efficiency of Commingled Post-Consumer Bottles Using an Automated Sorting System 0434.pdf Crushed Recycled Glass as a Stiffening Agent for HDPE Compared to Traditional Plastic Lumber Fillers 0457.pdf Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Polycarbonate 0476.pdf Profile Extrusion of Highly Filled Recycled HDPE 0623.pdf Linearity and Non-Linearity of Mechanical Properties in Blends of Virgin and Recycled HDPE's 0646.pdf Impact of Fines Separation on Reinforced Thermoplastic Regrind 0676.pdf Municipal Plastic Waste: Alternatives for Recycling with Profit 0805.pdf Reclamation of Rubber Crumb from Army's Discarded Tires 0847.pdf